Our GCE Advanced Level revision section on the platform has a wide variety of teaching and learning resources across all subjects at GCE Advanced Level including:

1. a clear explanation of GCE A Level Syllabus and revision resources

2. techniques/strategies to allow students to get the best grades.

3. a topic-by-topic coverage per subject of the information students need.

4. access to an infinite number GCE-type questions to test and reinforce your knowledge

5. access to immediate feedback from tests taken with advice on ways to improve grades

6. a variety of activities and projects to extend your learning as a student with sample GCE A level type practice questions and full past GCE A Level questions with full answers and examiners' tips

7. access to teaching and learning clinics with qualified, experienced teachers, coaches at the OPEF ACADEMY across major cities in Cameroon.

It is important to recognise that effective revision helps to improve performance in exams, helps you gain the Knowledge, Values, Confidence and Skills you need to ensure future exam success.

OPEF ACADEMY gives you the opportunity to take ownership of your learning and get the grade you want at local, national and international examinations.