Welcome To The OPEF ACADEMY Website From Chairman

Welcome to the OPEF ACADEMY

It gives me great pleasure to introduce myself as Chairman of Optimus Education Foundation (OPEF) Cameroon and OPEF ACADEMY, an educational project, an effective model for educational excellence and innovation through e-learning in contexts of stringency. 
I am humbled and honoured to welcome you to the OPEF ACADEMY website. Central to our ethos are the ERAIC values of Excellence, Resilience, Aspiration, Independence and Collaboration. These values form the bedrock of what underpins our curriculum and the learning journey for our students and teachers who come together on our yearly ERAIC days. 

OPEF ACADEMY is integral part Optimus Education Foundation Cameroon founded in 2008, whose motto is “better education, better communities”.

The contextual reality of education systems in the vast majority of African countries is lamentable to say the least. Cameroon is no different. More than 85% of educational budget is taken up by salaries of teachers and other education personnel thus leaving government with very little to be spent on: 

  • key educational inputs such as textbooks
  • libraries, science laboratories and equipment
  • ICT infrastructure and capability
  • classrooms (which are often overcrowded in cities and non-existent in many rural communities)
  • qualified teachers
  • innovative instructional technology and
  • relevant supportive infrastructure such as facilities for sports and other extra-curricular programs 
  • improving extremely poor sanitation conditions and basic health facilities
  • improving emotional, psychological support for pupils and teachers made worse by poor nutrition and family circumstances. Proprietors of private schools have sacrificed quality for money, churches provide secondary education only to those who can afford to pay.

Unless and until we tackle the socio-economic difficulties schools and communities face, we will never ever be in a position to provide the quality of education needed to fight extreme poverty, raise aspirations, widen opportunities, equip people with the skills, knowledge, social values and attitude to cope with problems of living and working.

Optimus Education Foundation sets out to address these difficulties through the OPEF ACADEMY. Every student at the OPEF ACADEMY is an individual with unique talents and abilities and has an Individual Learning Plan. We aim to nurture the ambitions of every student so that they may not only realise their academic potential but also respond with confidence and resilience to the challenges and opportunities that they will encounter in modern Cameroon and the world at large. Students are encouraged to take control and ownership of their learning.

Our curriculum is both rich and challenging and delivered by dedicated, enthusiastic and experienced professionals. Learning must extend beyond the confines of the classroom. We pride ourselves on the breadth and variety of our extra – curricular provision. This is varied and allows our students to excel in all aspects of their learning, we strongly believe in developing the wider experiences of our students.

OPEF ACADEMY is truly a fantastic place to work and learn. We also have OPEF ACADEMY HOME LEARNING where we support adults who are unable to attend the centre through our e-learning platform with access to our Learning Clinics and a Learning Coach once a week at a time of their choosing. We bring learning to you.

What sets us apart from other schools is our exciting e-learning platform, the OPEFLearning App and our ability to cater for the needs of all types of learners (auditory, visual and kinaesthetic) using a wide variety of interactive teaching and learning strategies. We bring learning to you anywhere, anytime.

The first phase of OPEF ACADEMY from September 2020 is to focus on GCE O&A Level candidates in Evening Schools and Mainstream Schools who have not been successful, focus on individuals currently working who would like to take GCE O or A Level exams. We will provide access to the OPEFlearning App for a reasonably affordable subscription charge.

I am extremely proud of the OPEF ACADEMY and would welcome parents, students, businesses, teachers, government and other professionals to get in touch and find out how we can be of help to equip you with the skills, knowledge, understanding to cope with problems of living and working.

Click here to contact OPEF ACADEMY for further information.

Emmanuel Agiam

Optimus Education Foundation Cameroon

Last modified: Sunday, 12 July 2020, 8:07 PM