GCE A-Level

Our GCE Ordinary Level revision section on the platform has a wide variety of teaching and learning resources across all subjects at GCE Ordinary Level including:

  • A clear explanation of GCE O Level Syllabus and revision
  • Techniques/strategies to allow students to get the best grades.
  • A topic-by-topic coverage per subject of the information students need.
  • Access to frequent questions to test and reinforce your knowledge
  • Access to immediate feedback from tests taken with advice on ways to improve grades
  • A variety of activities and projects to extend your learning as a student with sample GCE O level type practice questions and full past GCE O Level questions with full answers and examiners' tips
  • Access to teaching and learning clinics with qualified, experienced teachers, coaches at the OPEF ACADEMY, Optimus Education Foundation across major cities in the Cameroon.